Charlotte Singletary

Freelance Content Writer

I write content for blogs and emails . . .

for businesses seeking to connect their brand and message with an audience motivated to improve their health, fitness, and overall wellness. I want to help inspire and inform your readers because I share the same passion for reaching and helping people improve their lives.

I’ve been a physical therapist since 2006, specializing in women's health and athletic training. Health and fitness information should be accessible, approachable, and practical. So, I write conversationally to make the content fun and easily digestible through blogs, online courses, and emails.

I enjoy running & SUPing, painting & crafting, homeschooling my three kids, and eating exciting cuisine with my husband. I volunteer at my church by writing video announcements, emailing newsletters, and running ProPresenter presentations alongside the production team.

Pelvic Planner Blogger

My blog is Pelvic Planner and I provide resources for people to help them identify lifestyle obstacles and provide easy-to-use roadmaps toward pelvic health.

I provide:

  1. Printable worksheets, trackers, and planners that are designed to guide you toward pelvic health and well-being.

  2. Opportunities for positive growth with instruction on how to journal and reflect.

  3. Pelvic anatomy education and resources to help people learn about various pelvic health issues.

  4. Community support for women wanting to learn more about their bodies and encouragement to reach health goals.

Check out my full portfolio here!

My goal is to give my clients high-quality work.

To attract followers you must provide meaningful content with a user-friendly experience. Instead of defining problems, resonate with your readers by satisfying needs and providing solutions with minimal fluff.

Use strong and clear writing to provide the messaging needed to attract and keep loyal customers. And connect your brand with a relatable story to encourage your readers to take action.

I have two decades of health & fitness experience.

To create a persuasive presentation, utilize my expertise and knack for finding reputable evidence you need to weave into your unique story. Your brand story should also reflect authority and reliability so you can build trust with your audience.

Give me a few keywords that best describe your organization and the needs of your customers and I'll highlight your expertise and help you change the lives of your customers using quality content.

Health Content That Moves You

Learn about seven pelvic floor exercises that will help develop your pelvic floor and core muscles and add them to your exercise routine now!

Service page written to describe disc herniation, its symptoms, causes, and treatments. 10/03/2022

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